Productive Families in Riyadh

Productive families are well-known in Riyadh for their unique food products such as halal meat, local cheeses and bread. They are also able to provide traditional crafts, such as ceramics and handmade textiles. These businesses are popular amongst people who love to support local production and are seeking an alternative to big chains of restaurants and supermarkets.

However, a shift toward this lifestyle could lead to a loss of family values that have long-term impacts on the society. It could also lead to a lack of empathy towards children, the elderly and disabled. This could lead to a society that is more individualized and self-centered (Gesellschaft).

Despite the cultural changes, the majority of households in Saudi Arabia are still headed by males, even though their roles have been significantly improved in recent years. This is due to economic abundance accompanied by increased consumerism and the desire to display wealth in the form of cars, acquiring luxury housing and clothing. This has had a positive impact on the overall economy, but it has led to negative effects on the extended families, with the gradual disappearance of the traditional family structure, values and norms that were passed down for generations.

Generally, most adults live with their parents until they are married or emigrate to work abroad. If they choose to marry, they must present a’mahr’ to their future spouse’s family in order to show that they can financially support themselves. Before a marriage is arranged, licensed persons meet the couple separately to ensure that they are both happy with the arrangement and that there is no force or coercion. اسر منتجة الرياض

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