Embrace the Exotic Vibes of a Jungle Wallpaper

Embrace the exotic vibes of a jungle-themed wallpaper to transform your living space into an immersive paradise. From leafy tropical designs to mesmerising scenes filled with wildlife, our range of rainforest wallpapers provides a choice of lush color palettes, intricate patterns and natural textures to suit any design scheme. From dark greens to fresher neutrals, these botanical wallpaper designs bring the lungs of our planet indoors to create a tranquil backdrop for your lounge, bedroom or child’s nursery.

The plethora of plant life that thrives in rainforests means there is no shortage of inspiration for designers when creating these tropical wallpapers. Leafy tropical leaves, lianas and flowering plants like hibiscus flowers are all commonly used motifs in rainforest-themed wallpaper designs as they add a vibrant splash of color to any space. Lianas are a typical feature of tropical rain forest vegetation and often become entwined together, adding to the overall mesmerising beauty of rainforest-themed wallpapers.

Animal motifs are also common features of rainforest-themed wallpapers as they bring a quirky twist to any space. From graceful flamingos and curious monkeys to majestic tigers and colorful parrots, these exotic animal prints add an air of whimsy that can help to elevate any room into a fantasy-like setting.

Jungle-inspired wallpapers can be a great choice for children’s rooms as they are sure to captivate their imagination and provide the perfect backdrop for a space where their wildest dreams can come true. A dense jungle design that includes palm trees in different shades of green and a host of rainforest animals can be the perfect way to inspire their inner explorer, or they may prefer a more whimsical underwater scene filled with exotic fish and beautiful sea plants that will take them on a journey around an oceanic kingdom.

From a contemporary geometric rainforest pattern to a classic trompe l’oeil print, we have a jungle-inspired wallpaper design to suit any taste. This enchanting rainforest wallpaper from designer Jo Munsey is illustrated in maximalist colors of teal and emerald green with a tumbling waterfall and luscious palm trees, bringing the feeling of a lush rainforest right into your home. This tropical rainforest mural is printed on a non-woven substrate and comes as a paste the wall product, so easy to install in any space.

Explore our collection of jungle-themed wallpapers below to find the perfect design for your home. Choose from a variety of price points with great value rainforest-inspired designs from Holden Decor, Fine Decor and Belgravia or go for something more luxurious with designer brands such as Witch & Watchman and Stil Haven. If you have a specific vision in mind, why not upload your own design to Spoonflower and create a bespoke fabric, wallpaper or home decor item that will truly set your interior design apart. Papier peint jungle

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