The Red Sea Coast of Saudi Arabia is a Treasure Trove For Yachting Enthusiasts

With its stunning beaches, buzzing coastal cities, and dazzling scuba diving, the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia is a treasure trove of luxury. Stretching across nine international shorelines, it attracts pilgrims, water sports lovers and a rich tapestry of history.

The country’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has a penchant for yachting, owning a 439-foot vessel that boasts a nightclub and two helipads. He also has a taste for high-end living, bringing in renowned interior designers to create his own boutique hotels and resorts in the region.

One of the crown jewels of the kingdom’s “Saudi Vision 2030” infrastructure project is AMAALA, an elegant Red Sea compound that aims to be a global center for luxury yachting. It’s home to a range of private luxury yachts and hosts a calendar of yachting events, attracting wealthy individuals from around the world.

The Red Sea coast is home to the largest fleet of superyachts in the Middle East, and with its proximity to pricey European yachting destinations it’s becoming a winter destination for many high-net worth individuals. It’s an opportunity for those with deep pockets to enjoy an off-the-beaten track cruising vacation in a sultry, exotic locale that offers a more relaxed lifestyle than Europe.

Located just north of the holy city of Mecca, Jeddah is a popular cruise port for pilgrims, jet-setters, and luxury yacht charterers. It’s also a hotbed of culinary excellence, with top-class restaurants serving up a diverse array of cuisines and styles. In addition, the city is a prime spot for shopping, and the city’s luxurious malls are a veritable treasure trove of designer goods.

Jeddah is an ideal base to explore the rest of the kingdom’s enchanting coastline. From the awe-inspiring coral reefs of the Red Sea to the ancient desert city of Petra, the country’s mystical gems will capture your imagination.

The country’s spectacular coastline is a major draw for luxury travelers, and its thriving tourism industry is growing with a variety of new developments. The Red Sea stretches over 900 miles and is a haven for snorkelers, divers and beachgoers.

The country has a rich history of marine exploration, and its coral reefs are home to some of the most beautiful and rare underwater species in the world. The Red Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its waters are home to more than 500 types of fish, including the endangered black marlin. The reefs are protected, and the area has strict environmental laws to ensure that it remains pristine. saudi arabia yachts

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